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I had a pregnancy scare when my period was 2 weeks late. I love my boyfriend and we plan to get married someday, but neither of us are financially ready to have kids yet (we're both still in uni). At this point in my life, there's no way I could have a kid. I couldn't sleep for those entire two weeks, I was so worried and terrified about what to do... But when my period finally came, I felt so sad and disappointed that I started to cry. I haven't told a SOUL about this, not even my boyfriend.

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  • You know.. If you protect yourself, you won`t go through pregnancy scares. And if you take chances with unprotected sex, don`t whine about it. My bf and I have been together for over a year and still use condoms because I don`t want to take pills and I don`t want to stress myself out every month.

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