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It is getting harder and harder, being around you and pretend I'm ok being just friends. Seeing you kisses marks on your neck and pretend I feel nothing. Seeing how we spend awesome time together and imagine how perfect it would be if you were mine. Bearing guys hitting on you when we hang out pretend I'm not jealous. But I would rather suffer by keeping you in my life, than suffer by having you only as a memory.

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  • Someone likes to suffer here. R u actually enjoying it? Maybe u didn't reach ur breaking point yet. Just keep in mind u r worthy of more than that u know. Having someone who is actually love u back. Don't think low of urself and ur need to be loved

  • this is bullshit. you are destroying yourself. its not awesome if your describe your time with her as suffering. time WILL heal your wounds. thats a fact. give it / give her 2 - 3 months and see how things work out.

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