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I'm very afraid of showing people the music i listen to, because they might think i'm weird. My library is full of classics like nirvana or guns n' roses, and many 80's and 90's hits, but i also listen to more sensual songs (if you know what i mean). Then again i have a lot of classical music in my playlist next to a few electronic songs.

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  • you don't need to "marry" to a certain music style to be "normal". there's so much music in the world to enjoy! is like... you can put anything you want into a pizza but you should eat just pepperoni pizza? that would be dumb. 🍕🍕🍕🍕 Have some pizza and be happy

  • I listen to mainly 60s to 90s music including a lot of Prince (whose songs are about sex 90% of the time). Nothing wrong with enjoying good music

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