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I've done so many good things in my life , so many good deeds and I still can't catch a break. my husband wants a divorce after all of the years I put into this relationship and he broke all the promises he has made. I left my friends and family a good job etc to be with him to support him in his new career and I'm constantly walking on eggshells. one minute he loves me the next he doesn't and he's being super abusive. I drained out my savings to move to this new place with him. I am isolated from all my loved ones. he says he just wants to be alone and doesn't care about all the promises he made. he needs to see a Dr for his anger issues. I am his maid, his psychologist, his chauffeur, his punching bag, his mama, you name it, I do it. I am on depression meds when he is the one he needs them bad I think. he chose this career and I helped him get here and I get no appreciation for anything I've done or do. I just want out of this life that I have failed at. I can't go home because my parents have their own stuff they're dealing with. my mom told me tonight she's sick of hearing about him. she told me myself and one of my brothers are the only ones with issues, the other 2 are doing well. thanks a lot. I just want to end my life. what's the quickest and easiest way to just end it all. I want to go to sleep and not wake up again. is that all to ask? I can't seem to please anyone . I just want to do everyone a favor and die already. just bury me and call it a day :'(

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  • Fight for the life u want to have and stop whining any longer.

  • what? U made a mistake and he is an incredible big asshole. No one says u have to stay with him until u die and that u don't have any other opportunity. Find the strength and go! Leave him behind. U gotta put ur needs first!

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