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I've been raped and told my mom and she said oh okay well your dad raped me all the time and I had to deal with it

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  • I feel so bad for you. Please, save up some money and take your kids and leave. Don't contact anyone (your parents, stupid bf or anyone) and run away. Make a plan. People will help you. Document the abuse with time, descriptions and pictures. Do this for yourself and your children. Break the cycle.

  • I have letters he wrote me before he'd go to work telling me how much he lived and and begging me not to leave promising it would stop and about he didn't mean it and he was sorry and he mentions raping me in them is that evidence I just don't want to get him in trouble I just want to pack everything and my kids and run away but I don't want him out of their lives because he's good to them but I don't want to go through this anymore I just want Somone to idk give me advice help me out please

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