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I try so hard to make everyone happy,with good attitude,showing them that we always must be optimistic and see even the tiniest positive part of every disaster or situation they´re going through,when actually I have 4 years holding my feelings,and I suffer from depression and possibly Ill die because of it,but I keep showing them Im always happy and ready to help them,just in that way I feel my life at least is not as worthless as I think so (Not english native sorry for any single grammar mistake)

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  • welll i can identify myself with you, i'm trying to make everyone happy around me, and help with anything, be nice and kind to anyone, but i can't be there for myself.... but for that i've got help from a therapist, would recommend that for you too... befor it gets to late, in my case it was almost to late, i was at the edge of my life, but some people, that i care for, conviced me to see a therapist, and i'm glad for that, i was holding my feelings for about 14 years before i had the courage to speak, just talk to someone who you can trust, abd it will change your life, keep strong for yourself and your loved ones, your english is good ;) so long stranger

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