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When I was just beginning high school, I was basically a loner. No one really liked me. Everyone thought that I was annoying and mock some things that I did wrong. In my classes I was shy but would still pay attention and ask questions during class. I would actually get pretty good grades. I made one friend and I felt nice about having at least one friend. We would laugh so much together. One time I got into trouble for something in my math class. I was really scared. After I got in trouble that time I started getting into more trouble. I made my best friend get into a lot of trouble too. I stopped being so good in classes and didn't care about respecting anyone. Now I am not so much of a loner. Teachers consider me someone bad now. Everyone outside thinks I have a great time being who I am now, but deep inside me I feel really sad. Why did I have to change so much? I regret changing into this rebel person. If I could go back into time, I would've never changed. I feel sad and the worst part is that no one can help me. :(

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  • same thing happened to me im gonna be a junior soon so my best bet is to continue to bee alone and wait untill university life for friends. find something to get in to to keep yourself away from people. something you like to do. or tell them straight ip that your trying to do better. ifnthere with it cool if not fuckem.

  • balance comes naturally

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