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I can't stand my boyfriends 9 year old daughter and it's his fault due to the way he raises her. He doesn't make her shower even though she's played outside all day let's her sleep in her clothes she wore all day because she is too lazy to change. She's also too lazy to walk up the stairs to go to sleep in her bedroom so she sleeps on the couch in the living room and yells at us to be quiet when we are hanging out down there. She farts non stop in public and in front of company. They think it's funny. When we leave the house she insists on covering her face in blue eyeshadow, kid makeup, and in brushed hair. I'm afraid if she isn't made to practice good hygiene now she will be the smelly kid no one talks to. Her dad is pretty rich & makes sure he buys her love. Everyday she's with him he makes sure he buys her something or takes her somewhere or something because he wants to make sure she knows he loves her. She's going to have a hard time when reality hits her.

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  • My little sister didn`t like to brush her teeth. She got cavities and kids started making fun of her and boy, does she brush her teeth now..

  • Sorry to say, you sound like a jealous bitch.

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