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It's been a year since my family fought because of a whatsapp message (I don't even...), and nothing changed cause the aunt that caused all of this mess is to proud and cruel to talk and say she's sorry (cause she isn't). I didn't notice what kind of a monster she was until she decided to isolate my uncle from the rest of his family, since he's my father's brother. If someone says I'm antagonizing her, just be sure she just left her younger son, who's almost two years old, to starve cause she was not having a good day. I'm not saying my uncle should leave her, no. I'm saying that he shouldn't let her dictate how his relationship with his family should be. ;/

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  • A lot of men let the women in their life dictate their social interactions. The thing is, that is HIS choice. That means you should not blame her. He should step up, stop being lazy, and keep his own contacts.

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