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I had a suicidal friend last year. I swear I did everything I could, that I was the only one who cared, the only one who would listen no matter what or when. I was a good friend, I'm sure. So why it's so easy, after all we've been through, for him to turn to my face and say that "I was the worst friend ever" just cause the girl I presented him lied and ran away? It was not my fault, I didn't know it would happen. Dude, I really felt like I was hid best friend, now I feel like I've never did anything good for him. I guess... I guess you could simply keep your life going without me then. ;(

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  • First rule of friendship: never try to set your mate up with a relationship. If it falls through, you're the one who gets blamed.

  • Wow, what a bitch and a parasite, sorry. First of all it is not your fault, you don't control the girl. Second he should fix himself before having a relationship, clearly there is something wrong with the attitude.

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