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my best friend of 7 years just dropped me last yr -- not in any dramatic evil fashion. just stopped answering my calls or hanging out with me... I got really frustrated because i'm not the best at communicating negative emotions and I kept all of that anger inside and never said how i felt... so now this summer they are trying to contact me and I've avoided speaking to them because It's kind of insulting to think you can just waltz back into someones life like nothing is amiss. I have too much pride to ever be friends again though. being disrespected makes me more fearful than being lonely. so i just had to cry for a while because i'm really upset that i have to ignore the calls and texts.

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  • i say fuck your ex friend, the same happened to me and hell if i'm going to crawl back to them when they consider me beneath them

  • maybe he went through a hard time and was ashamed to tell you. Give him a chance - everyone deserves a second chance.

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