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I want to break up with my girlfriend, I just no longer feel the connection... But if I do breakup with her, she states she'll kill herself because "life without me is not something worth living." I found that cute at first but now it's like there's an eternal rope around my neck and hers. Luckily we're going to different colleges and that means we can break up without all the death drama.

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  • Call the state troopers and tell them your friend is threatening suicide. They have to take her for a 72 hour psychiatric hold (at least in this state). Three days in the nut house should change her tune

  • I believe I don`t have a moral obligation to stay in a relationship I don`t want with a person that threatens with suicide in case of a break-up. I mean... mentally damaged much? Emotional black-mailing is lame and if some guy threatened my with suicide, I`d dump his sorry ass in a jiffy. I don`t need a damaged, needy person around me.. Dump her and find yourself a sane girl.

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