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I'm 16 and my cousin is 20 when I was about 10 to age 12 my cousin and I did stuff.. I regret it everyday he would tell me we were going to play video games. That was a lie. I guess as I got older I realized that it was WRONG. So I stopped going over to my aunts house. To this day he texts me and kiks me. I want to go off on him! He won't leave me alone. I mean he even had a girlfriend why can't he just leave me a lone? They've been dating for 3 years. He ruined me! I tried to tell my aunt (not his mother) she said that it was normal for cousins to do stuff like that. I don't see how it's normal. He won't leave me alone!!!

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  • sounds like rape to me report the fucker before he hurts someone else. and stay strong, you're not to blame.

  • Nooooot normal! Get help! I was in the same situation with my brother. He went to jail for three years for it. Not okay, please tell someone that will get you help!

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