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Anyone can tell me how to handle this feeling, when you know you can never have this person's love but you just can stop giving your everything to him/her. I really need to stop caring about this person. I really want to stop stalking & waiting for this person's message or status update or anything. But everytime I try, I always fail. I know this might be sounds stupid for someone. But I am seriously out of ideas of what I supposed to do so I can quit this torture.. So please anyone help me out 😢

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  • Well, my 4 years (ex bf), dumped me via txt, so imagine the horror, did I went through depression? Hell yeah, I did in our entire relationship, all I did was cry stupidly, that time when he dumped me (he did cheated on me many times, the nerve), I cried for the last time, and seriously look for other stuffs to do, just think of this, do you want to be with a person who does not value you? Will treat you as nothing? Anyway I just realized, does he/she knew you felt something and he/she single? If he does knew you like him, then stop whatever you are doing because yeah it is really stupid and waste of time. IF he does not know, and he is single, well maybe it is time for you to tell because it is still stupid and a waste of time to wait for something that is not going to happen. BUT if he is in a relationship, just stop.

  • I think you need to connect more with this person. maybe after u get to know her better, you will lose your feelings.

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