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zombies? save them? or kill them? so I was watching the history channel and they were talking about "with today's advance technology, and will parasites, illnesses and diseases it is possible to create a biohazard weapon.....zombies" they have been experimenting with this for years, although the zombies aren't like your typical "Hollywood" type....they won't run, jump or chase you....theyre simply just "dead" and no they're not bringing them back to live either, they're basically using them for "robots" to drop into unwanted areas ...*cough* wars......I suppose like a "clone".....Q is....do you save them or kill them? if they're not doing anything to anyone.....would you kill them? if a innocent child is infected ....kill them? or save them? .......yesss the Q falls into political and religious category..... why dirty your hands innocent blood? debate anyone?

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  • trick question they are already dead

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