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my 2 year anniversary is on sunday and we're making gifts bc we have no money at the moment for actual gifts. The problem is that I have not started on the gift. Any ideas would be great!

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  • For your boyfriend or girlfriend? What do they like? Any shows, comics, books, video games? Do they collect something? Do they like art? Something that I really like to do are melted crayon drawings. You can google them and pick a motive. The good thing is, if you screw something up, it doesn't matter. Because you'll blowdry the crayon on the canvas anyway and it'll melt and look awesome. If they like video games or a special kind of movies - maybe they're into superheroes or stuff - you could make them a voodoo style doll or something. I've never done one before, so I can't give any advice on how to make them, but I have a friend who makes them and she told me it's pretty easy. You could make food (pizza is great, but cake is great, too - or anything to eat that they like). Maybe a basket full of different kinds of food. I once did one with different kinds of cookies, homemade jelly, homemade candy, some cakes, fruit, homemade lemonade and alkohol that I flavoured myself. Although that stuff takes a lot of work and a ton of time. You could make chocolates yourself. Easy, but time consuming, and if it's your first time they might look a little weird, but that just shows you made them with love. Write a letter, maybe. Love letters are awesome, but hard to write. Make a jar full of memories. Write them down, fold the notes and put them in a jar, maybe also write some things you love about your partner. When they feel down, they can take one note out and read it and they'll feel better. I did this for my girlfriend half a year ago, and she still has it and always calls me when she read one of the notes, she loves it. Especially because we're in a long distance relationship at the moment. You could frame one of your favourite photos and decorate the frame, or you could try to draw the photo. I don't know if you're good at that, though, but there are methods that pretty much make sure you don't screw up, like placing a grit (hope this is the right context? Not a native speaker, sorry - I mean those crossing lines that form little rectangles and you write numbers and letters so they have their own ID - like A8 or F3) on see through foil over the photo and drawing in a grit that you erase afterwards. Hope I could help. If you send any specifications, I can look for tutorials or share recipes that are good. I hope the two of you have an awesome anniversary. Lots of love to you!

  • make a pizza together, it's a fun experience for couples. trust me :) 🍕🍕🍕🍕 Have some pizza

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