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im a girl. my girlfriend lives quite a while away from me and I met 3 people at work. 2 girls, 1 guy, and I ended up fucking them all. one of them I fucked 6 times, two of them I fucked 7 times each. I find it hard to commit myself to so, eone and usually break it off within a few months because I dont want to be unfaithful. this one , however, I didnt break off because my girlfriend is a sweet and caring girl. I need to break it off with her, I know, but we barely see each other in person and I think I should do it in person and not over skype. because doing it over the internet is the cowards way.

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  • Maybe it is the cowards way but you had no problem cheating the slutty bitch way so why should you be concerned about being seen as a coward as well?

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