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I'm sad when I see the confessions in languages I don't speak. I don't really confess here a lot, because I don't have any personal trouble at the moment. I come here because I like to help people. And to know that there are people here pouring their hearts out and probably having one of the worst times of their life that I can't even give any consolation or nice words, or even advice - it just makes me so sad, because I'd like to. I'd like to learn all of these languages, and I'd certainly love to help, and I hate how people judge their confession for not being written in english, and it makes me angry and sad at the same time that some people post negative, mean comments underneath their confessions. But mostly it's just the fact that I'm incapable to help them because of my own inability to understand that saddens me. I'm sorry for not being there for all of you.

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  • You know there are multiple free translation apps

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