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I'm not sure I get western society. Do men WANT to be like Charlie Sheen? Do you admire the guy who bangs many women and has kids he does not raise and STDs? Do women accept men like that? If not why do you ridicule men who have had fewer "conquests"? It's not very feminist to encourage someone to debase women and leave, yet those who wait are ridiculed? Yet I will get down voted for calling one night stands or strippers "debasing" towards women. Do you really think throwing yourself out there and HOPING he keeps you will work? It seems so counterproductive. Like you don't think past stage one and who it affects. Even your own children? No wonder your divorce rate is over 50%.

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  • Well I actually hate guys like that who try to just see how many women they can bed. I say this as a American man that they make me sick.

  • I only date guys who are virgins.

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