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In my grandparents attic, I found a gun, I though it was the gun of my grandpa, since he was a cop but the gun was an old colt revolver, I ask him and he told me, in 1950's, he was drinking a beer with friends in a pub when he saw a young lady being assaulted by two armed men, one with a knife and the other one with a gun ..... then a suited man came from a narrow street, and in silent, he took a colt revolver and killed the gun man before pointing his colt on the knife man, he said something like "who is your boss ?" than killed him, cold blood and stoïc face, than asked to the lady if she was okay for finally leave as silently as he came. Years later, my grandpa was searching for evidence in a case of domestic violence, and in the records departements, he found a box in which there were the colt and a photo, it was him, the suited man, according to the report, he was an hitman working against crime, the police found his house a long time ago, but he wasn't there, just the gun he used to do his "job", and a letter for the police, telling he left the country for other business the case was dismissed and when my grandpa quit the police, he took the gun as a token.

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