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i am a 22 year old girl i have been modeling for 4 years... my dad always pushed me to do it and was very supportive. we have always been very close but recently when i started doing nude photo shoots i found my dad jerking of to my work. I confronted him about it and i WAS angry he started to push himself on me, i tryed to fight him off but by the time his hand was down my pants i was sooooo wet for him. I gave in and let him continue. we have been sleeping together now for the past month i know its wrong but i get so wet when i think about it.. do any other girls want their dad?

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  • it's not a disorder it's a beautiful thing which has been made taboo, such a shame

  • Um... no. I love my father. As my father. When I was a little girl I said I wanted to marry him because I loved him so much and I wanted to stay with him forever but I didn't know about sex then. I thought marrying someone was just that, being with someone you love forever. Now that I'm older, of course I don't want to marry him and I don't see him in any sexual way. That's just fucked up.

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