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I live in a house with a family of 7. Two little brothers, a crazy mother, who is more caught up in her own problems and cares more about herself than her children and who constantly complains about how nobody cares about her. An extremely optimistic father who is never home and always hangs out with his friends rather than coming home to his kids and family. And a pair of grandparents that are constantly making my mother feel as if she needs to be the perfect wife for their son. I'm here, stuck thinking about my future, getting into crazy fights with my mother about stupid things like who can drive better or how to get home or who was right in a fight about a show, which usually leads to her proving her dominance in the relationship through slaps and punches making me feel weak and hopeless. My family is broken and I can't find any way to fix it.

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  • Move out on your own. You can't fix other peoples crazy

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