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Ive learned to stay quiet while she yells (it had once seemed impossible), but im starting to suspect that she doesn't want respect, but rather a follower who will treat her every thought and command or action as a justifiable morally correct truth. Unfortunately i am a logical person and every truth i hear is narrowed down until the little white lies no longer remain. For once i wish i was a sheep; a follower, humble, weak. This way it would be easy to submit to her every whim but instead, i am a lion; a leader, proud, strong. All good traits, until shes yelling, and i cant back down. For others yes, but never, for her. For that, i am sorry.

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  • you are a leader, a proud strong one. why are you quite, should have point out her mistake. instead you let her repeat her mistake. sometime it is important for a leader to think outside the box.

  • female here: I think you should tell her to "shut the fuck up and sit down woman when I am talking to you!" maybe she is frustrated cuz you don't take charge more than she does. maybe you leave her to pay all the bills for you and don't take part in the major things. maybe you don't make her feel wanted. like, you don't show her that she's sexy or something. maybe you're not a man of your word. and you say you'll do something to help out but never do it, so she feels like she has to do everything. I get pissed off when my husband does this. doesn't open his eyes and does fuck all but get fat and has no interest other than video games. you better do something constructive about this or she might leave. and if you don't want to, then you should leave. I contemplate leaving ALL the time. when will I actually do it? idk!

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