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A lot of times when i'm talking to people, I can't help but wonder if I'm annoying them. one of my first close friends stayed close to me for a year before telling me she never even liked me. I was fake to a girl for a year before we had seprate classes and i decided to b more honest and not lead ppl on if i don't like them as a friend and don't want to talk to them, but i feel no one else thinks like that. i feel like if my friends really didn't like me, they wouldnt ever tell me and id just go on annoying them forever, making a fool out of myself... in honor of Pizza girl, i will start signing my confessions. -DontAsk

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  • it is not fake, she stayed with you for a year. that means, she see you have the quality of a friend, though she problaby won't admit it. when you are being sincere, it touches other.

  • r u a Virgo? I'm one. and I'm over critical of myself and others. but other Virgos drive me nuts.

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