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I was thinking about being the next rap superstar. Since we have an M&M already.. my name is Snickers I'm always thinking about high fat, artery clogging greasy food So if you're busy talking in my ear I may get kinda rude I think about pizza, double cheese with spicy pepperoni I know you're hiding ice cream, I can smell it.You just don't know me. This is a stick up.Put the cake and cookies in the bag don't make me yell I want the cotton candy, candy bars and chocolate covered caramel I know I'm fat as hell and diabetic but I don't give a shit If I could roll up sugar blunts you bet I'd take a hit I'm shooting lard directly in my chest, my vena cava Hand me a menu,Bacon T-bone..I guess,Yes, I think I'll have the.. Double order from the border. I'm talking Taco Bell 10 packs of sauce cause I'm a boss but save that Mild shit I want the Hell

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  • Hey, my man, your rhymes ain't bad, but your flow needs some work- now don't get mad. When you wanna be a rapper, the rhythm is key; rap ain't rap without it if you know what I mean. Lay down some beats to help keep you in time, so we can all appreciate your funky fresh rhymes!

  • We already have a junk-food obsessed pop star, and 'Weird' Al Yankovick has buried better pretenders than you

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