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People need to stop bein so judgmental!! This is 2015 not 1815! Stop bein medeval if I want suck any1 dick even tho I have a bf Dat dosent make me a slut!! If I want 2 fuck more then 1 boy in my lif dat doesn't make me slut!! Virgina and dik is ment 4 fuckin!! We are supposed be polygamy!! So just becoz I smoke pot and fuck with any1 I like dosent make me whor!!! It makes me smart for doin wha I want and not bein medeval like deez ugly virgins, every boy likes me unlike them so if yur jelly of me you can go back to 1915 😠 -L

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  • Oh so you're a pothead? That explains a lot. This, America, is why it should not be legalized.

  • If you don't want ppl to call you a whore, don't act like one.

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