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Derz no such thing as virginity!! So wot if my virgina got bigger after I lost my virginity? It means I feel mor pleasure during sex! You can keep yur virginity for as long as you want but jus no dat yur gonna end up like any other NORMAL girl! Yur not speshal snowflake! Yur loser!!! Yur ugly das y yu cant get boy 2 fuck yu!!! Every boy loves me das y i hav sex with ANY1 I WANT evryday!! -L

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  • I've had boys beg me to fuck them. Beg. But I turned them down because they were trash just like you who would have used me then left. I don't want to fuck a boy. I want to fuck a man. And a man wouldn't want sex just because I look pretty. A real man wants sex with someone because he loves them. I see sex as an act of passion, showing someone how much you love them. Of course, I'm demisexual, so I can't feel sexual attraction unless there is a strong emotional bond first.

  • It's fine. You can fuck whoever you want, whenever you want. I'm pretty sure nobody here is going to stop you. But why all the hate on virgins? There is no need for being so aggressive, you know.

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