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This is still buggin me until now. When I was 16, I had a boyfriend and there's this one guy who had just moved in across our house. So I always was with my bf, he goes into my house everytime he gets invited. So my neighbor (the guy who had just moved) , everytime I'll get out of the house and will see me or something like I'll be walking down the street, He'll just look down always and will just look at me when I had already passed by. So my bf and I broke up. And I heard to his cousins which are my friends and neighbors too, that he has a crush on me, which I didn't believe at first. But this one day, they were all out of their houses and just sitting outside talking about things and when I got out of the house they saw me and started teasing the poor guy. He was really just blushing and just looking down. He's a cute guy but I don't really go with guys just because they like me. Besides, my ex is still pursuing me so I just laughed it off. So fast forward and it seems that he had learned how to act when I'm around that he doesn't look affected anymore. So we became friends and one day he asked me out to go watch a movie together. I was sooo excited because I have a crush on him already coz he's really a cute nice guy. So we watched, and he almost always text me whenever he is available, but I don't like texting much so most of the time, I was like ignoring his texts even though I am not. I just forget like always. So he stopped texting me after that and we barely spoke to each other again. Does that mean he really liked me or he's just idk infatuated or got pissed or something?

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  • This made me laugh rofl. Prolly. Coz his cousin and my ex's sister are husband and wife XD

  • maybe he had a crush on your ex bf too. and the 2 of them are actually dating

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