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this is a shout out to -L I feel real sorry for you that you feel the need to find attention on here. I don't know why your posting stuff it get a rise out off ppl, you are a pathetic used up peice of shit. I know this is the internet I think we have established that , but seriously your speaking like a illiterate dumbass!!! so why don't you go back to fingering yourself in your lonesome and self harming yourself.haha... wow I bet your dad really messed you up... but have fine with you STDS and your blue waffle "BECAUSE" bitch we know you aint clean!!! - GABE P

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  • Your a mysognisic dik -L

  • So, I was the guy who spammed her confessions as shit, calling her a whore, bitch, etc. Now I (kind of) feel bad cause i see she might have real problems. But I dont feel very bad because her confessions are straight up shit.

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