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I suppose it is time for a pointless story. Back when I was 13 I was sitting in my 6th grade science class and the teacher goes up to the chalkboard to explain whatever she was explaining... Well... I started to daydream about b***king her.. I am off in my fantasyland of carnal teacher sex when she interrupts my daydream by calling ME to the front to explain the problem... But the REAL problem was the huge erection I had... Needless to say... It was quite embarrassing and the teacher pretended not to notice or hear the taunts and snickers of my fellow f***tard classmates but nevertheless, twas one of the most embarrassing years of my life....and she missed out too.. I could have EARNED that A

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  • did you meet with her afterclass , she wanted that meat you know

  • I can't help it, but I smile while reading this. you are kinda adorable in ur own way. you were teens, it's your hormone .

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