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so this is complicated .. i love him ! we were in a relationship a year ago ! but then he left ! and he was really mean to me ! i was broken and he seemed he was doing fine without me ! i coudn't take it anymore so i blocked him, deleted his number .. in order to forget him ! but it only got worse ! not long ago.. he was back saying he missed me ! he's sorry and he wants to get back with ! and he told me i wasen't the only one who got hurt anyway i can't say yes ! i can't trust him anymore! i love him but i will just be waiting for the minute he leaves ! but i also can't live without him i need us talking everyday ! it will kill me if we seperate again ! so i was thinking i might get in a relationship with him ! so i asked him if he loves me and what am i to him ! and he dosen't wanna answer ..

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  • i married a guy like this and ended up having an affair after extreme emotional abuse. i would advise against going back to him, you'll lose yourself and become someone you don't recognize.

  • Leave him. You need to kick him out of your life and move on.

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