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For people who argue about wearing a make up, for me I wear make up everytime I go out, my face tends to oil after a few minutes of washing it, I also perspire a lot, and who wants to look at someone who look like a mess in a corporate world?, second this "natural" thing does not bother me, because people knew my "natural" face, and honestly there is just a little difference so who cares?, I love wearing make up just because I love it, I am inspired by those cosmetic Vloggers, and for those people claiming they are natural, while wearing just a lipstick or eye something or a photo filter lol, then you are not a natural, natural means you woke up and wash your face then went out. You can call yourself a light make up person. Just respect everyone's choice. Sometimes I think people who claims they love being natural is because they can't afford to buy a high end make up, sorry! Because it is annoying how you shame people who wears it.

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  • My face is oily too and i cant go out without make up too ... I think people should appreciate the time effort and money you put in the way you look when you go out ;)

  • Its yur life yu can do wha yu want so haterz can fuck off πŸ’πŸΌπŸ’πŸΌ-L

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