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You know you got it bad when your head and your heart are constantly battling each other. One wills while the other wants. some time now my thoughts have been distracted...by someone. I just can't get over how amazing she is. Each time I learn more about her I become more entranced. The more I learn the more I find myself walking around in a sort of haze...chuckling at old jokes and remembering how beautiful she looks. An then there's her inner beauty. I don't think she really knows just how beautiful she is...I wonder when was the last time someone told her. I wish I could tell her. I want to so bad. Her outer beauty first caught my attention...especially her eyes. So sexy. I love looking into them...shhh don't tell her, lol. I honestly could get lost in them. Her smile. Her hair. Her voice (I love listening to her talk). Her other voice..lol. When she's on the phone her voice changes. More direct. More in control. The way she whispers bye before hanging up, drawing out the word..lol I've noticed. I guess I've made it pretty obvious how I feel. To you at least. I've come close to telling her a few times...but something would come up. Then I'd wonder if that was for the better. Then I'd wonder about her...what was she thinking right now? I bet she is smiling..she's very busy but manages to keep a smile on her face and maintain a positive attitude. I have witnessed a few times where she would get worked up about something and I think it's so cute how she acts while trying to maintain composure. Great personality. We click so well. We compliment each other. I love listening to her dreams and aspirations...sometimes I get lost listening to her talk because I'm visualizing what she's telling me. I'm learning intimate details and peeking into her soul. I like that she feels comfortable enough with me to tell me these things. Tell me more. If only she knew. Would things be different? Would it be awkward? I don't want to rush anything..but don't wanna wait either. My feelings have only gotten stronger as the days have gone by. If certain things were different I def could see us together. But even right now I fantasize about being with her. And I'm not talking about sex either...this woman is Beautiful folks and the complete catch. There's more to the story but it's late. Goodnight.

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  • a very romantic confession . 👍👍

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