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I saw an article somewhere that was about a "feminist" man who was okay with his wife having sex with another guys. And when she was done, they would talk about it and the husband wouldnt even get mad!! It was the most pathetic thing i have ever read. "Feminism" = everything girls do is right and everything guys do is wrong.

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  • I'm a feminist (male) and I did read the article. I thought it was poorly written and that guy seemed like he was trying to convince himself. Feminism means that both partners should get the same level of respect and people should not be judged solely by their gender. It does not mean "man = bad, woman = good", in fact that would be the complete opposite of feminism. Women are individuals. Some of them are great, some of them are terrible, most are in between.

  • sorry grammar nazi, I meant *YOU'RE

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