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The kid who wouldn't stop bullying me not only goes to my school but goes to my local church. He acts like some innocent fawn in front if his parents during church. I got up to use the bathroom, and when walking there.. I realized someone was following me. I turned my head slightly to see it was a boy. Guessing it was him I quickened my pace. He ran up and wrapped his arm around my waist and pinned me on to the wall. Unable to reach the pepper spray in my back pocket, I managed to throw a punch, and caressed his cheek. It was a complete struggle. He punched me but I grabbed his fist and held it there in front of us. My math teacher was bored and showed us some self defense during the class so it became useful. We both stared at each other. Him more frightened than I was. He backed away slowly. I made a similar post to this. Later on I came back to the church service being over and my aunt waiting for me furiously. I couldn't stop smiling after what happened. I fought back.. I stood up for myself ☻

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  • GOOD! so proud of you! :) now show this fuck er who's the boss!

  • Are you a guy?

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