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I'm 22 yo and my parents just won't shut up questioning and cornering me for a marriage. like, if they are going at "when will you marry?" or "do you have someone to introduce?" or "you're going to be a housewife soon!" again and again while knowing I'm still single for all of my thousand luck in the world, I feel like I'll be able to rip their heads off. goddammit I prefer you to question me about my (sh**ty) school-life than interrogating my love interest.

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  • Omg they tell you you're gonna be a housewife!?!?! What the hell! Focus on school and get a high end career gurl show em you don't need a man (yet or ever whichever you prefer).

  • I'm 22 and married. don't do it. don't do it. live your youth for me please!!!

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