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Why do people most of the time dislike introverts? Why? Really!I heard everything about introverts...first off they call us loners or not-talkative ppl or shy ppl. But they don't realize we're just human being and that the world is beautiful because it varies! we introverts don't like to talk a lot with mean ppl, rude ppl. We don't like small talks and we have so-depth feelings. That's it, in brief. But pls, don't hurt us, a word can really hurt us and we will end up thinking for days about that and feeling low. Just respect. nothing more asked.

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  • Truth is: The "cool" kids (rude, mean, too loud" are just... I don't like them, I don't want to tall to them I wanna talk to my geeky kind of friends about video games and astronomy. not about fashion or... idk. the last drama that happened between Leon and Laura.

  • "You people are all sheep to me. I care not a whit for your hopes and dreams. Your very lives are nothing but labor and struggle, working every day to fill my pockets. Even your children; whether baseborn bastards or million dollar IVF miracles are just another generation of cash flow that will eat shit, but useless baubles, and breathe my air. There is nothing you can do about it, for as long as you live you are a slave that makes me money" -your landlord

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