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From the beginning of the humanity, people made many systems of payment like exchanging goods, paying with expensive metals and at least money and currency. Nowadays popular way of keeping money is keeping them on your virtual budget. As every previous way of keeping money, electronic money has its own weaknesses. For example in some non-modern cities and villages, it is hard to find atm terminals. In addition, some bazars asking for a cash. It makes your electronic money useless. If you will be restricted from internet, you will not be able to check the left money in your virtual purse. On another hand, this is more safe way to keep your money. It is not easy to steal money from internet. Nothing is possible but again your money will be in a safe place. Internet marketing gives you huge abilities, and even you can have a business even you can order a car, pizza and many of another online stuffs for which you must pay online. Some applications for colleges and universities ask for online payment, it means that this type of payment gets more popular. Of course paying to person whom you seeing and buying thin you have checked is better than blind buying from internet. In the World Wide Web there is millions of fake online markets, services and banks, you might easily trapped on one of that gambler provider. Everything depends on luck some times. You can buy exclusive expensive things from internet and only after receiving it may be simulated thing, and you will never find a person who sold it to you. I used to buy thins from internet and I do it on my own risk, I have a web money and credit card also, and in some times its better to have only a little card and enough money inside instead of having them in a cash. You can lose your money, you may lose your card neither, but in second case, you are able to restore it back from any bank. Each of type of payment has their own weaknesses and It's better to have both of the payment types.

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  • I can't help to smile reading this. it's like reading a summary of payment method. ha ha ha.

  • wtf did I read this

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