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My family is so conservative. My mum my dad and my brother kind of . They are all about getting a good grade and not doing bad stuff. But i like doing crazy things well not so crazy but just feeling alive :D i was really angry because i have to go home every day 22:00 o'clock and cant go anywhere. So yesterday i sneaked out at 01:00 am with my boy friend and with his car we just drove and sneaked back in at 05:00 am :D . So adventurous :D we went to a place where you can watch the whole city and just talked ^^ nobody noticed i was gone :D

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  • well they just want to protect you. I have to be home by 20:00 o'clock for me -_- And now I have moved to different city and I go home at 01:00 am almost every morning lol just make sure you protect yourself though

  • you only like doing it cause ur not supposed to. if they let you go out id ruin the fun

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