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American white girl or Miss -L do you just like when people judging you,please stop acting like you're a bad girl that you like to have sex please be you sweety and you will have some love ,stop acting like a whore cause you not ,you like make up, me too,but that ain't those who don't wear makeup are ugly,you are not virgin I am ,that didn't mean I am ugly or medieval, or jealous of you,you're 15 don't let cursing you like just be the real you,you not a whore and you know it, you cannot go back but you can change ,I know you didn't have sex with a lot of guys ,be you and you will have some love,BTW like you emoticon 💁💁💁

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  • your bit better than anyone haha your just kidding yourself

  • ✌✌✌✌-You think she gives a fuck? Look at her posts, shes got inferiority complex, I guess, she's just teen fifteen.

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