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Sometimes I have a feeling that I don't even know who I am . Especially when I am talking with different people on the net , when I am looking on the chat I finding out that every person has conversation with different kind of me , me with different personality , me with different mood , me with different mask. After that I feel some guilty , in my mind from somewhere comes an idea that I'm liar and I am lying with everyone . At that time I come up with a conclusion that I don't even have a real personality and I am variable just like a X in equations x=y , when Y changes the meaning of X also changes , but I want to be a constan and stable. At last all this thoughts lead me to the feeling of depression and melancholy.

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  • Its normal, people adapt to situations. Find someone who you can tell everything and be real

  • You're not lying to them about yourself, just sometimes people bring out a different you. An example would be a bestfriend vs. a stranger. You're going to give off a different you to both of them. You can tell anything even something embarrassing to your best friend, while you probably wouldn't say the same things to someone you don't know much about.

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