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Okay I'm usually really embarrassed about talking about this kinda stuff but here goes: Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a little more than a year now and we have sex on a normal basis. Well, I have this problem... When I orgasm, a lot of clear flued just kind of gushes out and it soaks into the bed, through the sheets, through EVERYTHING. It happens about 85% of the time and it's probably the most embarrassing thing ever! I don't think it's pee because it doesn't smell like it....but still. I'm very sensitive about it. :( and sometimes it happens not once but twice when we have sex! My main concern is that I think it really grosses my boyfriend out. He says it doesn't, but he never looks too thrilled after I do it, and I feel awful about it. I just wish there was something I could do. I even tried not drinking anything for 9 hours before - hand and I still do it! I feel like a freak!

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