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i am 25... and i have spent the last two yrs of my life on one guy, most of the time trying to get over the hurt and betrayal.....he was my best friend, have known him for the last 6-7 yrs and am the kind of girl whose bf happens to be her best friend .. or so i thought.... i lost my self and when i cldnt bear it at all .... i let his friend have his way with him for couple of months....and somehow he came back to my life to destroy me more..... i never lied to him ... i was as honest as i can be..... but her left stabbing me to what seems know un-healable... i am also knowing that i am the worst judge of character... so today after being violated by a single man over and over again.... and after a share of my mistakes in life..... i am having hard time in finding what the hell i am doing alive.... and i did forget all what life is all about and the hopes and dreams i had.... nada... i cldnt remeber at all .. so ppl judge away ..... :)

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  • Just out of curiousity, how old is he?

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