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I was reading about the confession of the girl with the daddy crush, so I figured I'd tell you about my daughter. She is the most perfect girl you've ever seen. If she was in my class when I was in middle school she would be the one you never had the courage to talk to. The one you trade your lunch for a month to get the desk next to. The one you write acoustic love songs in your high school garage band about to the point all your band members hate it. The one you cry about when you hear someone else got her first kiss or you see another boy's name written over and over in her binder. I hope she grows up to be a Senator. I hope she finds a man worthy of her and never settles for less. I hope she never forgets when she used to kiss her daddy when he got home from work. I've been very depressed lately, but the smile in her eyes makes every day worth it.

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  • Just to clarify I mean nothing sexual. Hence the middle school crush metaphor. Also the crying when she falls in love is at the thought of having to let her go so she can be happy. Similar to when your crush falls in love.

  • Reading made me cry, I wish I had a supportive father such as yourself

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