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i met a chinese girl in my own resort. she gimme a dirty look (i wear ordinary clothes and hijab, i dont put any make up) she keep looking at me so i give her a smile and go away. but she keep gimme a dirty look. Srsly, Thats really rude. but i just pretend that i didn't saw her face. i forgive her, second day, i met her in the restaurant. she staring at me and say "tsk, this restaurant price is really cheap for me" (its a 4 star restaurant, and i'm the owner too) i feel kinda uncomfortable bcs she doesn't know me but she look down at me. so, ask receptionist to pay her bill for the resort and give her free food for 3 days. after 3 days, i give a paper to her room. "its free for you, thanks for ur dirty look. -owner of the resort" 2 hour after i sent her a paper, she check out from her room. i think she just got a moral value. actually i feel sorry for her. but i cant let her keep looking down at me, it can't be help..

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  • you racist , you dont need to say " chinese " here ok .

  • please you are kinda overacting , what if her face is annoyed everybody because thats her normal face , smh u drama queen

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