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When I was in college, I remember this guy classmate of mine hitting on me, he was handsome but he's taken, his gf is a year lower than us and they have a baby, I was so angry because he keeps on doing that, and one time he actually kissed me immediately on the cheek in a room full of people, I can't stand it anymore, I don't want to ruin a relationship so out of impulse, I took a water bottle and threw at him, still he won't stop, the next dat he teased me, threw papers at me. The last and final thing that made it all stop was, I posted on fb saying "(NAME) please stop your stupidity, please just take care of your kid and love your gf." His friends were fast to tag him. Well to end it, we graduated years ago having bad blood. But I hope he learned a lesson.

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  • Good for you!

  • Can we please get an applause. What you did on fb was a brilliant idea

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