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I've known this guy for over 4 years, I studied abroad for over 3 years, we talked a lot through Facebook, and saw each other in weddings and family reunions, finally we started dating this year, I know he likes me cause he drools when he sees me, but he's extremely shy and I don't know when he'll make the first move but I don't want to give a bad impression because I want a good lasting relationship, the times we've gone out I asked him, and last time I told him that he should ask me too, he said he'll do it and talked about all this great places and stuff we could do together ..I know his family mi dad and his dad are really good friends and work on the same field and I know now they are extremely busy including him...so, we havent seen each other for two weeks and every day we're talking less and less, I know he's working and everything, but I've been so patient for all those years ... so... am I friendzoned or will this work?

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  • It seems like he likes you. (the drooling gave it away). Try to see him in person. This might help.

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