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Sometimes I hate people so much.. so so much.. An 18 year old girl was recently raped by 7 guys. They raped her until she passed out, then they sprayed her with alcohol to wake her up and raped her again. The judges decided the 7 men are not a "social danger" and are awaiting trial at home. Meanwhile, their families started a campaign against the victim, smearing her publicly and saying she was a whore and asked for it. I`m reading the news and I`m trembling with anger. I wish those guys would just drop dead. They say you should never want harm for another, but I want them dead. What`s the point of their existence?

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  • Where did it happen???? I'm from Germany and didn't get any information about

  • you're just a sadist trying to justify your desire for hurting people. you will get no respect from me

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