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My boyfriend and I were together for 18 months, my first serious relationship since I am only 16. My boyfriend and I broke up, less than a week from the breakup he got a new girlfriend. Then less than a month of their "relationship" they already had sex. This all started a month and four weeks ago. Today was the day when my heart wasn't in ache and I was able to breath calmly. I think today is one step closer for me to move on but move on for good. However, everything I have writen has caused drama in the friendship group. Now I'm getting picked on and can't comfortably hang out with my friends. It really hurts however I am used to it due to the trama of eight years. I still want to be good friends with my ex as we had a really good friendship. I don't want that to all just disappear because of a silly breakup. I don't understand how someone like I who is young can handle all this however, galdly I've been able to. I feel I was become slightly more stronger although I still have a long road to get to recovery.

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  • I had experienced the same thing when I was 17 and we were like 13 months together but my ex was cheating on me ....and I was broken.... but time would heal u .....somehnow .

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