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look at those people trying to be the second Pizza Girl, Fapman, etc.. spamming on everyone's confesion, trying to make an impression. kind of pathetic actually.

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  • Hey man, i don't know these PizzaGirl or Fapman you're talking about, but since i understand that you're complaining about people like me signing their comments (i guess) i feel like i have to answer you. I don't know about the others, but to me it is not about making a impression, or being the second Blahblahblah, i just want the people i talk to to know a little better who is behind the screen. If i give them an advice and they know a little who i am, by other things they might have read, first it's more personal, i feel like it's more a friendly advice, and also if they don't like what they know about me, if we don't agree on values or opinions, they won't follow my advice and won't be misleaded by someone anonymous giving them unadapted advices. And finally, if someone wants to answer me, or tell me something, contact me for any reason, it's easier with Daiquiri than with "to the stranger who said that...". Now it's just my opinion

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